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Stamp Out Limo Brokers/Limo Agencies
Avoid the heartache and disappointment of booking through a limousine brokers/agencies.
A recent survey has proven more and more people are left disappointed, after either being completely let down or receiving a poor service for limousine hire when booked through a limo broker agencies or limousine brokers.
The problem is most broker agencies are only after big commissions and the best way to achieve this would be to work with the companies that only have the tatty old style cars and limousines, employ unprofessional staff & maybe even illegal chauffeurs who do not have the necessary driving licences to drive that particular limousine.
These agencies may appear to look good, with some very nice looking pictures on their websites, but will you actually be getting those vehicles! What’s the guarantee when they don’t own their own fleet? Many similar scenarios have been heard off, such as school leavers waiting for their new exotic style limousine to collect and take them to their big prom day, but are shocked by the horror of a 10 – 15 year old Lincoln towncar arriving.
Limo Brokers/Limo Agencies are known to promise anything and everything!
How they convince the client, Brokers have no overheads so they can push more funds into advertising, get themselves up to the top of search engines, next to the big companies which actually own the newest and latest type of limousines, promise the same vehicles at similar rates, then pass on the job to the small company without any such vehicle.
Don't be fooled ask if you can view the actual vehicle before you book!
To discuss your plans, individual requirements and to obtain a quote, please contact us today.
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